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Troubleshooting Common Problems with a Microbalance in Your Medical Facility

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Finding the specific weight of specimens, medications, and other materials will only be possible in your medical facility if you have a good microbalance system in use. While the microbalance system will usually last for years without the first signs of trouble, occasionally, things can go wrong and leave you with improper readings. A dysfunctional microbalance can easily hinder your everyday practices, so there is no question you will need to be able to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Here is a closer look at some of the most common...

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Three Benefits Of Buying And Converting To Electric Valve Actuators

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If you currently operate an industrial plant that requires a half dozen employees to open and shut valves manually, you may be spending more money than you need to. Converting to electric valve actuators can cut expenses dramatically. Here are three benefits of converting your manual valves to electric valve actuators. The Valves Run on Electricity Your plant already operates on electricity, so a little more electricity to operate some valves is not going to hurt. With all of the money you will save by converting to machine-operated valves,...

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Tips For Spotting Regulator Problems On Your Propane Tank

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If you’ve converted your home to propane heat for this winter, it’s important that you understand some of the potential problems that you might encounter. One of the things that many homeowners are startled by is the presence of frost on the regulator of the tank. In most cases, a frosted regulator isn’t a really big problem. However, there are a few things you should know to be able to determine when there is a cause for concern. What Causes a Frosted Regulator On a Propane Tank? The propane in the tank is heated to boiling...

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4 Wonderful Benefits Of Powder Coating Rims

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When you want your vehicle rims to always look their best, you need to apply a proper finish to make the metal look exquisite. One of the best ways to go about this is through powder coating. Powder coating is a type of finish that involves dry powder that is applied to the rim, giving it a smooth overall appearance. To learn more about the powder coating of rims and the benefit of taking advantage of this service, read these points and then find a company that can assist you. Benefit #1: Powder coating rims will protect them from damage When...

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Benefits Of Using Die Casting

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If you are trying to decide whether your company needs to start using die casting techniques, you might be interested in learning about the following benefits of this type of process. This way, you can decide if this process fits the needs of your company.  Can Apply Multiple Finishing Techniques It can be difficult to apply several different finishing techniques to the metal that you are working with unless you are using the process of die casting. The process will allow the metal to come out nice and smooth. Then, the surface can be...

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Things To Know About A Problematic Submersible Centrifugal Pump

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Are you suddenly unable to get water from your plumbing system that comes from a water well? If your well uses a centrifugal pump that is submersible, there are a few things that can lead to you not being able to access any water in your house. Here are a few of the possible problems a submersible centrifugal pump can have when water no longer flows through the plumbing system. Water Leakage in a Mechanical Seal The mechanical seals are some of the most important parts of a centrifugal pump. The seals are used for preventing water from...

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Answers To A Few Questions About Preventing Storage Tank Corrosion

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Your business’s storage tanks can be critical for its daily operations. However, if you are keeping these tanks outside, it is important to prevent them from corroding. If you are needing to learn more about how to protect your storage tanks, you may benefit from learning the following three questions and answers. How Do You Prevent A Storage Tank From Corroding? There are a couple of different options that can be used to prevent storage tanks from corroding. One of the more common methods for protecting tanks from corrosion is to apply...

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Check Valves Are An Important Part Of The Oil Industry

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Oilfields need to have several kinds of valves in order to get liquids and gasses out from under the ground and into pipelines or storage containers. One kind of valve that is used on the oilfield is a check valve.  Check Valve A check valve has two ports, one input and one output. They are often found in pipelines because they allow the liquid or gas to go only one way. This is done automatically so that no one has to operate the valve. It is one of the very few types of valves that is completely self-automated. That means that there...

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You Can Steel Dress Up Your House

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Real estate is plagued with sameness. When developing a community, architects will often use a few basic designs over and over. This helps to create a homogenous community and to save money. Unfortunately, when the time to sell your home rolls around, you may find that there is very little to set your home apart from other homes in your neighborhood. Curb appeal can be a strong selling point for a home, and one basic facet of curb appeal is standing out from the crowd. If you want to dress up your home without undertaking a major remodel, you...

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About Buckled Walls In A House & Foundation Underpinning

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Do the walls in your house seem to be buckling at a fast pace? You are dealing with a serious foundation problem that might have to be repaired through a method known as underpinning. Find out in this article what you should know about a damaged foundation and getting it underpinned by a professional contractor. What Causes Walls to Buckle in a House? Buckling walls in a house is a sign that the foundation is no longer stable and need to undergo underpinning. For instance, there might be cracks in the foundation that has caused the walls to...

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